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What is a Portable eNail and why should you use it?

Posted on July 08 2019

eNails are an important part of the dabbing experience for the cannabis consumer. Any concentrate product - live resin, rosin, shatter, budder, wax, etc. needs to be heated or vaporized before it can be consumed. To understand the difference between a traditional dab rig with an enail, and the RockinVape PORTABLE enail we need to first talk about what a traditional dab rig is all about.


The old school dab rig consists of mainly 3 components - the water bong, the nail, and the torch. The concentrate is placed in a titanium or quartz nail which is then heated up to a certain temperature for an exact period of time. Usually a butane filled scorch torch is used which is fired up and heats the nail. The concentrate vapourizes and is then consumed through a water bong, which cools it and makes it easy on the throat for a clean hit. 

The next advancement in this was the invention of an eNail - a small compact Pelican briefcase that contained a battery and a wire that would clamp on to the nail and heat it up electrically. The temperature could be precisely adjusted on the display and the eNail would remain heated up for long periods of time without going cold, unlike in a traditional torch setup which would cool down immediately after the hit.


eNails take all the guess work out of temperature control. When using a butane torch, dabbing requires practice and, sometimes, a heat gun to get an accurate temperature reading. By using an electronic nail, it allows you to "set-it-and-forget-it" in a sense by flipping a switch and consistently taking dabs at your preferred temperature. Eliminate your need for expensive butane, which isn't the healthiest to inhale. It's never been easier to take those terpy low-temp dabs than with an electronic nail!



While the eNail setup has been the GO TO for anyone seeking a quick fix without the hassles of a butane torch, there are several problems associated with this.

  1. The eNail is always heated up to extremely high temperatures and is a health and safety risk when there are pets and kids around the house.

  2. It’s bulky and cumbersome to carry around to different places and also needs a power supply plugged in.

  3. Overheating your eNail with a torch can degrade your concentrate and alter it's original flavour profile.



Enter the newest invention to revolutionize the market - the RockinVape portable eNail!

A battery operated portable and compact device that’s sure to satisfy your dab craving, just attach it to your current bong to turn it into an electronic nail!

Simply press the power button, wait for the green light to turn on and take your temperature controlled hit. 

No waiting, no mess, no butane torches, no batteries, and no worries about kids or pets tripping over cords or touching hot surfaces, ouch!

Comes with portable electronic nail, USB charger, dabbing tool, stopper and guide