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Health Stone Glass

The revolutionary Health Stone system, available in many glassware styles from Vapour Slides that attach to any standard 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm male or female connection, and the line of Hand Vapes with sequential venturi inner cooling chambers that provide an incredibly smooth vapour for a handheld dry pipe.  

All Health Stone Glass pieces come with a proprietary Vapour Stone at the centre.  Unlike other concentrate tools, the Vapour Stone allows you to take smooth hits of extracts much like smoking a regular bowl.  The key is using the heat signature from a miniature cigar torch.  This heat allows the extract to vapourize instantly off the stones inert ceramic matrix.

The idea for Vapour Stones came in 2004 when Chad Stone, the founder of Health Stone Glass, was introduced to concentrates that were completely vapourizable, leaving no ash at all.  With no loss of oil or vapour, even 1/100th of a gram of essential oil can provide a pleasant experience.  The efficiency and convenience of the Vapour Stone and the smooth, milky quality of its delivery have made it the go to tool for numerous patients and aficionados alike.  There were many challenges in creating the Vapour Stone, but through determination and a refusal to compromise Chad has achieved success.


Vapour Stones are small discs with a texture similar to pumice whose tiny gaps capture essential oils.  When you apply a little heat to the extract on top the stone it will melt into the matrix and be ready for further heat which induces vapourization.  In other words if you heat the centre of the stone the oils become viscous and absorb into the structure , vapourizing out of its pores.  Vapour Stones are manufactured inert ceramic tapered discs made to tolerances of under 1/1000 of an inch, and are easily removed for cleaning and recovery of any built up resins on the glass.  Overtime the stone may discolour or become chipped or broken as they are brittle when outside the Health Stone Glassware, replacement stones are available and fit every piece of Health Stone Glassware the same.  

The health in the company name comes not only from the benefits of the essential oil vapour compared to smoke, but also the heating method.  Using a quick flame from the recommended twin-flame Vector cigar torch is less damaging to the environment than using the larger torches commonly used to heat other dabbing utensils.  Not to mention far less likely to cause burns or burning!





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