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Wolf 4-Piece Mini Herb Grinder

$49.99 $55.99

It’s 10PM: Do You Know Where Your Lighter Is?

How many times has a missing lighter de-railed your sesh? That’s a thing of the past thanks to the Wolf 4-Piece Herb Grinder with a built-in holster specially designed for Bic lighters. You can expect that reliable Wolf brand quality from this metal grinder, running from the diamond teeth down to the built-in kief catcher. And with your lighter in place, your sesh will be able to take off without a hitch. Choose from the 2.5" Maxi Grinder or the 2.0" Mini Grinder. 

  • 4-piece grinder
  • Includes a holster for you Bic lighter
  • Built-in kief catcher