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Honeybee Herb - Honey and Milk Bevel 45 Degree



Don't Waste Any of Those Milky Clouds

Back to thick clouds out of your quartz banger with this thick bottom banger. This unit comes with a 2mm thickness and a 4mm base, which gives added rigidity to the bottom and a better heat dispersion along the base of the dish for those couch lock guaranteed clouds. Sitting at a 45° angle, this piece makes us proud just by looking at the sheer elegance transmitted through the combination of its frosted joint and opaque white base. The Bevel edge allows for an air tight seal when paired with a carb cap.

  • 100% Quartz
  • 14 MM Joint Size
  • 25 MM Outer Diameter
  • 4 MM Base Thickness
  • 2 MM Wall Thickness