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Krush Marble Rolling Tray & Grinder Set

$48.00 $60.00


!!Please read before buying!!
Low price of $48 because of a discoloration of the Krush logo (please check pictures) and the box is a little bit damaged.
The product in new and perfectly functional.

The Carrara Kube is the latest release from Krush Grinders. Made to resemble Carrara marble, this new release features cool tones and modern day athsetic. The Carrara is made from a composite base that resembles real stone. The two part Carrara Kube cannabis grinder also features a black anodized aluminium insert. 


The Carrara Kube is definitely a show piece that is one of a kind as the graining patterns are never the same. 


Unique, Functional and Style Orientated - KRUSH