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Stainless steel Dispenser 5mL

Patron® APOLLO 5mL Dispenser 

If you need precision, elegance and durability choose APOLLO. Its stainless steel body makes it shock resistant and durable. Ideal solution for using your extracts on-the-go. Works with replaceable BIA polypropylene cartridges.

Patron Dispenser System was specially designed for dispensing and storing substances with various viscosity levels. 

Its greatest features are:

  • dosing scale which enables precise dosing with 0,01 ml accuracy
  • stainless steel body
  • special nozzle for precise application with additional closing cover to prevent spillage.

Included in this box set is the stainless steel housing and piston, 2 BIA cartridge sets.

Please note that this Product comes in 2mL & 5mL sizes and has a polypropylene nozzle. 

A Titanium Tip is available to use the APOLLO as a Dabbing Tool. Please see the Patron Apollo Dabber for a box set containing the titanium tip.

NYX Titanium tip is available for individual purchase. 

All products are available in 2mL & 5mL sizes.